Carlton Investments Limited was incorporated by Sir Norman Rydge in November 1928.

Sir Norman Rydge was Chairman of Carlton Investments Limited from 1928 to 1980. Sir Norman started his career as a public accountant. At age 25 he was the Mayor of Canterbury, a municipality in Sydney. In 1928, the same year that Carlton Investments Limited was incorporated, he began publishing the Rydge’s Business Journal. 1937 saw him start a long and successful involvement with the cinema exhibition and film industries in Australia when he was asked to become Chairman of the Greater Union Group. Sir Norman was also Chairman of Amalgamated Holdings Limited (now EVT Limited), Rank Xerox (Australia) Pty Limited and served as a Director of the City Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited and Commissioner for the Rural Bank of New South Wales.

Soon after Carlton Investments Limited was incorporated the Company acquired all the issued capital of Carlton Hotel Limited and Eneber Investment Company Limited. These two subsidiary companies held investments and property interests, including the Carlton Hotel, Sydney and an interest in Ushers Metropolitan Hotel, Sydney.

In 1929 Carlton Investments Limited was listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange and obtained quotation on the Official Lists of the Stock Exchanges of Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The Sydney Stock Exchange was amalgamated into the Australian Stock Exchange in 1987.

In 1936-37 the Company progressively acquired all the shares in The Manly Hotels Pty Limited, which at that time owned the Pacific Hotel, Manly.

In 1948 the group sold the Pacific Hotel, Manly.

In 1955 the Group sold the Carlton Hotel, Sydney to Rex Investments Limited leaving all three subsidiaries as investment companies.

Alan Rydge, the son of Sir Norman Rydge, is the current Chairman of the Board. He has been a director of Carlton Investments Limited since 1978 and Chairman since 1980. He is also the Chairman of EVT Limited (formerly Amalgamated Holdings Limited) and was formerly Deputy Chairman of Australia Post and was a director of Village Roadshow Limited.

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