Carlton Investments Limited (CIN) is a long established investment company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

It is the investment strategy of the Carlton Investments Group to invest in established, well managed Australian listed entities that are anticipated to provide attractive levels of sustainable income and also long term capital growth. The Group also invests in companies that enable a high portion of income to be received as fully franked dividends.  Investments are held by group entities for the long term and are generally only disposed of through takeover, mergers or other exceptional circumstances that may arise from time to time. Carlton Investments Group entities do not act as share traders nor do they invest in speculative stocks. Refer About Us
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Net Tangible Asset Backing

per ordinary share

As at 28 February 2019:
Before capital gains tax: $35.66
After providing for estimated capital gains tax:

Above NTA has been calculated after providing 
for the interim dividend of 55 cents per ordinary 
share to be paid on 25 March 2019. Ex-dividend 
date was 28 February 2019.

Amounts updated every month